Saying 'yes' more often


Today I was doing a long walk as part of my training for a charity trek that I'm doing next year in Guatemala. I'm climbing 5 active volcanoes to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK, a cause very close to my heart.

When I walk, I like to take photos of things that I see, to log my progress and today I saw a crossroads of sorts..

It made me think about my spur of the moment decision to take on this challenge and how tough, yet rewarding it will undoubtedly be. How years ago I would've procrastinated over it, yet instead I just signed up before I could give myself the chance to talk myself out of it (because I'm pretty sure I would've!!)..

  • Do you ever wonder where your life is going, or which decision to make for the best?

  • Do you wish you said 'yes' more, but fear often gets the better of you?

Even though I'm more comfortable making bold decisions than I've ever been before, I still find I'm having to push past barriers every day (I'm only human after all!), but the loss of a loved one a few years ago, made me realise that if I wanted to live the life I really desired, I was going to have to find my comfort zone and live outside of it as much as possible.

I needed to say 'yes' more and if something makes me scared, I have to try my best to do it (and be kind to myself if the fear takes the driving seat)...

Regularly facing fears and living outside of your comfort zone can be tough, but I also believe it's one of the most rewarding things we can do for ourselves and I've had some of the best experiences as a result.

It could be as simple as taking a different route home, even though you aren't completely sure of the way, or learning to dive when you're afraid of the ocean - it's not the size that matters, the rewards will still be so powerful!

It's only when we have the benefit of hindsight to be able to look back on our experiences, that we see how all of the 'challenges' and maybe even 'negatives', have simultaneously conspired to take us towards something even better.