Love Notes

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and only wish I had worked with Emma years ago."

"I joined Emma at what I now see as a pivotal time in my life. There had been major personal changes and my career was at a stand still, not knowing which way to turn nor having a clear vision of what I really wanted.

For some time I have played with the desire to start my own business, and be in control of my own destiny but I have never had the confidence to take the leap of faith to establish a business and go with my gut and do it. 

I have worked with Emma for a number of weeks now and we have really drilled down into the core issues.  I have a clear understanding of how my thought patterns and reactions to certain past events were keeping me locked in a perpetual cycle of inaction and I can now see that these were aiding and abetting in holding me back from achieving my goal. 

Emma used a number of exercises to draw out negative beliefs and whilst simplistic in their approach produced a dramatic reaction which have helped me to understand how they were impacting on my life and through this, I am now able (and excited) to be moving forward.

I would highly recommend Emma to everyone, whether you're looking to resolve career stagnation or concerns, or wanting to make the next step towards being independent and working for yourself.   Her methods are challenging, but coated with kindness and never losing the sensitivity required to let your soul speak out when ready.  

My sessions have given me the confidence to set up my own business and to know that it has a sound grounded basis to underpin it and a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and only wish I had worked with Emma years ago."

June, UK

Emma’s talent for coaching is a valuable resource I can’t recommend enough!

"Emma helped talk me through a difficult relationship where I learned how to process my emotions and stop feeling like my feelings were holding me “ransom”. Emma’s way of listening and asking the right questions to walk me through a challenging situation is a lifelong lesson I will use again and again. Emma’s talent for coaching is a valuable resource I can’t recommend enough! She will leave you feeling empowered and positive – even in facing the most difficult situations in your life."

Kimberley, USA

Thank you so much!

"I just wanted to tell you good news... the work we did has worked! I've noticed a big difference to how I used to feel, it's amazing! Thank you so much!"

Jolanta, UK

I would highly recommend grabbing the opportunity to do this with both hands

"There were 2 or 3 moments during my coaching sessions where I felt absolute 'light bulb' moments had struck, an overwhelming sense of clarity, those moments where you feel the need to tell a handful of friends about something incredible that just happened.

Emma has a phenomenal ability to put you entirely at ease, to unwrap some tough topics, analyse and re-frame them entirely.  3 months on, I am still actively using her techniques to combat self limiting thoughts and actions.  Furthermore I feel empowered to tackle 'my wish list'  in such a way that I am less fearful of failure. I am hugely grateful that my path crossed with Emma's. I would highly recommend grabbing the opportunity to do this with both hands."


Julia, UK


Heidi, UK


Coaching with Emma gives you the skills and self-belief you need to make the decisions that will improve your relationship with yourself, others and the world around you.

Before I started working with Emma I was limited by my anxiety and lack of self-belief, which affected my personal and work life everyday. The biggest thing I got out of coaching was the ability to trust myself and my gut instinct along with my abilities as a person, to take ownership for what I can control and making changes where I choose to. 

Coaching with Emma has given me reduced pain, the ability to manage my anxiety, stress and pain by dealing with the root cause of the issues and this in turn, has made me feel that I am in control of my life, empowered, confident and able to ask for what I need. As a therapist/coach, Emma is kind, honest and supportive and really wants the best for her clients.

What I would say to anyone who is thinking of working with Emma is that if you want to make real changes to the way you feel, Emma's holistic and caring approach will give you the support you need to build the life you want to live. She doesn't just look at the surface level behaviours and thoughts, but works through the underlying beliefs with you which is where the big changes happen. These huge shifts in my mindset since working with Emma have had a really positive impact in all areas of my life.

Chloe, UK