Whatever your dream, the life you desire really is the life you deserve to have

I've had an ordinary upbringing, but for most of my childhood I watched my parents struggle and I knew I didn't want that for myself. 

When I left university with a degree in Psychology, I had dreams of helping others and making a difference.

But instead of following my heart, I was seduced by the security of a salary and I followed the conventional corporate path into a career in Marketing.

Even though I dreamed of more meaningful work, I lacked the confidence to believe I had enough to offer doing anything else and so I ended up in a career that left me feeling stuck and which ultimately I ended up hating.

For years, I suppressed an inner desire to live a different life in favour of the mainstream, because I didn't really know that it was possible to create something else and I was too scared to try in case I failed.

Maybe this resonates for you too?

On the outside, I had most of the boxes ticked:  Good job, my own home, nice car and the material things that everyone told me I should want... but underneath the ‘façade’, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing.

Then my life started to spiral.

From money worries to career challenges, relationship issues to feelings of anxiety, sadness and at my worst points, depression.

I buried myself in my work, sometimes working 13-14 hour days in an effort to keep the discomfort at bay, but it felt as if there was no escaping my reality and in the privacy of my own mind, I felt deeply unhappy.

Eventually, I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from holding everything together and I felt like I had nothing left to give.

It was in this place that I’d reached what was then my lowest point and I’d had enough.

I couldn’t continue living the way I’d been living and I had an inner sense that I needed to look to myself for the answers, in order to be able to start moving forwards.

I set about doing courses, learning, growing and implementing what I’d learned day-by day. I muddled through trying to make life easier and more bearable.

It wasn't easy, pretty or perfect. In fact, at times it felt messy and uncomfortable, but looking back, I couldn't be more grateful for this part of my journey.

I began meditating and took up yoga and I started to really give a sh*t about my body and (more importantly to me at that point) my mind.

I began reframing my experiences, creating more meaning for myself, changing my beliefs and breaking unhelpful patterns.

Over the course of a few years, I felt so much happier, more hopeful, optimistic about the future and I could breathe again, even though externally not that much had really changed..

The inner work had somehow made the external reality easier.  

Along this journey of ‘personal development’, I also began to reconnect with my dreams.

Dreams of changing my life and creating something that reflected who I was becoming and how much I had grown..   

Dreams that saw me living a life of freedom, abundance, fulfillment, and FUN.

Doing work I loved everyday, work that felt meaningful and fulfilling and that helped others.

I wanted to wake up each day, feeling excited about the day ahead, with the ability to travel and have regular adventures and of strong, supportive relationships and friendships.

And then, I had an experience that changed the course of my life forever…

6 years ago the sudden loss of my Dad and a terminal diagnosis for my Mum in the same year, changed my life completely in the blink of an eye and in ways that were irreparable. 

I suddenly saw how fragile life is and that we never really know how long we have to do the things we dream of doing.

Perhaps that sounds morbid and uncomfortable, but I didn't see it that way. 

This realisation was so significant for me, that I just knew in my heart that I couldn’t delay my dreams any longer, regardless of the outcome.

I decided I would rather be defeated by trying, than give up before I really knew what I was capable of.

For me, it wasn't enough to be sitting in an office, watching the clock every day, doing a job that I hated and that sucked the life out of me.

It wasn’t enough to be treading water and living pay cheque to pay cheque.

The material things no longer mattered and I wanted more meaningful experiences instead.

I was watching the hours, days, weeks, and YEARS of my life pass me by and I wasn't living - I was just existing.

I felt a deep sense of urgency to make real, bold changes to my life.

So I made a decision...

I decided to leave my old life and take a leap of faith that something bigger and better could be available to me, if I trusted that it was possible.

I decided to put my own dreams first and start really living.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.
— Abraham Lincoln

Fast forward to 2015 and my life had moved forwards in so many ways. I was living a life that was completely different to what I thought was possible.

I travelled solo across SE Asia for 10 months, I explored aspects of my creative side that had previously been stifled, I was debt free and able to make choices from a place of desire rather than need and I felt more alive and free than ever before, even though there were still things in my life that were challenging and painful.

Difficulty didn’t cease to exist, but I learned how to release my anxieties, to be resilient and brave and most importantly to really believe in myself and my ability to create my dreams.

I also realised I had been doing what I was meant to be doing for years, but up until this point it had just been for my own self-improvement!

Even whilst navigating some difficult emotions associated with my Mum's fast deterioration from her illness, I understood that there was a purpose for the challenges I was experiencing.

Realising that I had been coaching myself for years, building my own resilience, strength and self-belief, helped me to see that my knowledge and first-hand experiences, could help people; people like you, to live a different life, a life free from the burden of anxiety and self-doubt.

This is my purpose.

  • I'm here to help you to navigate the journey of change quicker and easier than I did.

  • I’m here to be a supportive ear and a knowledgeable resource for overcoming the challenges that life can throw at us, so you can weather storms with grace and confidence, bouncing back quicker and easier.

  • I'm here to show you tools that you can use to take ownership of your life, your fulfillment and the direction you're heading, so you can take your power back and really believe in yourself.

  • I’m here to help you overcome the patterns and beliefs that are getting in the way or keeping you stuck, to show you that it is possible (and safe) to live whatever life you desire.

  • I’m here to unlock the confidence and self-belief within you, so that you can blossom into who you were always meant to be and experience happiness daily.

My purpose is to help you to live your best life... Every-day.

Everything is possible, so what are you waiting for?

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